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What is the purpose of the FreePhone website?

FreePhone provides temporary phone numbers for receiving SMS specifically for development and testing purposes. These numbers are not intended for any illegal activities or harassment.

How often are the phone numbers updated in FreePhone Website?

The frequency of phone number updates depends on user demand. For the latest updates on added phone numbers, you can visit our Facebook Page.

How much does the FreePhone service cost?

Our service is completely free of charge and will remain free indefinitely.

What happened to the number I used previously?

We do not retain old numbers once they have been used.

Do I need a phone number to use FreePhone service?

No, a phone number is not required. You can use our service with any web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.) and an active internet connection.

Are received messages in FreePhone get filtered?

Yes, our system automatically filters SMS messages related to banking and financial activities. Any sensitive information, such as passwords, will also be filtered.

I am receiving numerous texts from FreePhone website. Where can I report this?

If you are receiving unwanted texts, please visit our Send Feedback page to block your number.

Are the numbers available on the FreePhone website fake?

No, the numbers on our website are not fake. They are real disposable phone numbers capable of sending and receiving SMS messages to and from real phone numbers worldwide.

I have waited 10 minutes and have not received my SMS. Why?

Some services may block or delay OTP delivery if a number has been used frequently. If you're experiencing delays, try using a number with a lower volume of SMS received today (indicated in parentheses next to the number). Please note that some services send OTPs as voice calls, which our system does not store. Our platform only supports SMS OTP or verification codes.

How do I receive SMS using FreePhone?

  1. Select the country from which you want to receive a verification code.
  2. Choose a number for that country. Each number can receive SMS instantly.
  3. Copy the number and provide it to the service where you need a temporary number.
  4. Wait for the SMS to appear on the page, which usually happens within 1 minute.

Can I receive verification codes from services like Tinder, Apple ID, Gmail, Facebook, etc. using FreePhone?

Yes, you should be able to receive verification codes from these services. However, please note that our platform is intended for development and testing purposes only and should not be used to create fake accounts.

Can I make phone calls using the FreePhone website for free?

We are currently working on bringing free phone calls to our users. Our 'Call Phone' service will be available soon, allowing you to connect with friends and family worldwide without registration or payment.

Why use a temporary phone number?

Temporary numbers protect your identity by enabling you to sign up for apps or services without revealing your real phone number. They also effectively mitigate SMS spam.

How many disposable numbers do FreePhone have?

We continually expand our inventory to provide a wide range of disposable numbers from various locations.

How often do numbers get rotated in FreePhone?

Numbers are refreshed at least every 30 days to ensure availability and privacy.

Is it necessary to download a mobile app to use FreePhone?

No software download is required to use FreePhone. However, for a seamless experience, we recommend our mobile app available on the Play Store and Apple Store.

Are temporary numbers VOIP?

No, temporary numbers are not VOIP. We are currently working on bringing free phone calls to our users.

How is the FreePhone service free of charge?

Our service remains free for users, supported by advertisements. Please consider disabling ad-blockers to support us.

Can anyone access the contents of my messages?

Incoming messages to our temporary phone numbers are visible to anyone, but we obscure sender information to enhance privacy.

Can I send messages through the FreePhone service?

No, we only offer inbound services for temporary phone numbers. We do not send messages or make calls. Please note, our numbers are temporary and may be reassigned.

Do you have an API or allow scraping of FreePhone Website?

Our service is designed for end-users, and scraping of our website is prohibited.

Are all FreePhone numbers displayed active and working?

Yes, all numbers visible on our service are active and ready for use. We monitor them to ensure functionality.

Is there a limit on the number of messages I can send to a number?

While there is no specific usage limit, we ask users to avoid automated spamming of our numbers.

Can I request a number from a previous month?

Due to the temporary nature of our numbers, we cannot guarantee access to previously used ones.

What does the number in parentheses next to the phone number mean?

The number represents the total messages processed by that number. Some older messages may have been automatically removed.

Can I share the FreePhone website with others?

Yes, please share our service with others. Your support is appreciated.

I saw the same phone number on another website. What does this mean?

We are a Tier-1 provider and own the phone numbers displayed on our website. Any other sites showing the same numbers are attempting to replicate our service. For your safety, use our website directly and report any clones to us via email.

How can I contact FreePhone?

We welcome your inquiries! Please contact us using our Feedback page or directly email us at

Only use this website for testing/development purposes.

Testing/dev only.

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+1 620-322-XXXX NOW

<#>VERIFICATION: Your code is: XXXXX

+1 620-322-XXXX 3 minutes ago

<#>SIGNAL: Your code is: XXXXX

+1 620-322-XXXX 6 minutes ago

<#>Whatsapp: Your code is: XXXXX

+1 620-322-XXXX 1 day ago

<#>Facebook: Your code is: XXXXX